EAN: 5410329729424

Whadda Wearable ESP32 Development Board WMW101

  • 1-5 Days

Replacement for Velleman VMW101

Get ready to meet the most versatile wearable and ESP32 based development board of the moment! It's 100% Arduino compatible and it's easy and invisible to wear thanks to its uniquely thin PCB with 8 x sewable pads. Plus, it won't sting you because the PCB design has no sharp edges. Also, 4 of the pads are capacitive touch-enabled.As for the versatility; this little development board of 56 x 50 x 7.5 mm packs a lot of features such as a hall effect sensor, a temperature sensor and an ultra-low power analog pre-amplifier. But the neatest on-board feature is undoubtedly the ability to connect the board to WiFi and Bluetooth®. Getting any ideas? Here's one: connect the board with our BirghtDot wearable LEDs collection and make them react to text or social messages, magnets, sounds, time, temperature and more!You can easily connect this wearable with a battery thanks to the JST connector and you don't have to worry about high power consumption because the board also features a deep sleep modus to keep its consumption to a minimum when you don't need it. To top things off, this thin board is at least 10 times faster than an Arduino Uno because of its super high 240 MHz clock. Go take a look at the BrightDot wearable LED boards and get creative!