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Assorted 5mm LED's Set (130pcs)

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Velleman VCS101 LED Pack

Multicoloured LED set which includes Green, Blue, Red, White and UV LED's as well as a colour changing RGB LED's (Common Anode and Common Cathode). Infra Red and Intelligent RGB LED's. Housed in a compartmental plastic case (140 x 70 x 30mm).
Red 5mm 20 Pieces
Green 5mm 20 Pieces
Blue 5mm 20 Pieces
White (Cold) 20 Pieces
White (Warm) 20 Pieces
UV 5mm 5 Pieces
RGB (CA) 5 Pieces
RGB (CA) 5 Pieces
RGB Colour Change 5 Pieces
WS2812D-F5 5 Pieces
Infra Red 5mm 5 Pieces