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Integrated Circuits Pack

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Velleman VCS102 IC Set

This set includes NE555 timers, LM324 amplifiers, 8-bit shift registers, quadruple bus buffer gates, L293D motor drivers and ULN2003 & ULN2803 darlington transistor arrays. Supplied in a compartment storage box with hinged lid. (140 x 70 x 30mm)
LM324 Quad Comparator 4 Pieces
NE555 Timer 4 Pieces
74HC595 8-Bit shift registers 4 Pieces
74HCT125 quadruple bus buffer 4 Pieces
L293D Motor driver H bridge 2 Pieces
ULN2003 Transistor Array 4 Pieces
ULN2803 Transistor Array 4 Pieces