DIN Rail Input Modules

  • Standard DIN Rail Mounting
  • Screw Terminals
  • Hard-wire any switches or sensors

5-10 Days
Weight: kg

Velbus 7-channel input module (potential free + pulse) for DIN rail

Connect any type of sensor or switch (distance is not an issue) and you can control anything. E.g. connect the motion detector of your driveway and switch on the garden lighting for 2 minutes… The module has very extended timer functions. The first 4 inputs can be used as counter inputs for connection of a kWh or other pulse counter, to measure the power consumption. Measured values can then be shown on a VMBGPODB or VMBGPODW glass control module, and can also be used as alarm values to trigger Velbus events (eg. switch on or off relays).
Dimensions: 90 x 36 x 58mm
Power Supply: 12-18Vdc / 30mA Standby, 150mA Max
5-10 Days
Weight: kg

Velbus 4-channel analog input module