Test Equipment

1-5 Days
Weight: kg

Whadda Signal Generator Minikit WSAH105

Replacement for Velleman MK105
Signal output: sine wave, triangle, square wave and integrator (selectable through jumper). Signal frequency: about 1kHz (fixed). Output level: adjustable from 0 to 100mVrms (LEVEL potentiometer).
Dimensions: 56 x 40mm (PCB)
Power Supply: 9Vdc (Battery)
1-5 Days
Weight: kg

Whadda Cable Polarity Checker Minikit WSMI132

Replacement for Velleman MK132

Check cables for continuity and identify individual wires. Perfect tool to check speaker cable polarity. LED indication for open circuit, shorts and correct or wrong polarity. Push-button operation with auto power off. Low power consumption: 10mA
Dimensions: 56 x 40 x 33mm - Main Board
40 x 7mm - Remote Board
Power Supply: 9Vdc (Battery)
1-5 Days
Weight: kg

Whadda IR Remote Checker Minikit WSHA137

Replacement for Velleman MK137

The easy way to check your IR remote for proper operation. Simple operation : point the remote at the sensor and push an arbitrary button. Four flashing LEDs indicate remote operation.
Dimensions: 55 x 30 x 33mm
Power Supply: 9Vdc (Battery)
1-5 Days
Weight: kg

Velleman Pocket VU Meter Minikit (with Enclosure) MK146

  Constructional Kit: Normal
LED's move to the rhythm of the music. Surprise your friends in the disco, incorporated microphone, adjustable sensitivity.
Dimensions: 87 x 50 x 25mm
Power Supply: 3Vdc Battery (1 x CR2032)
1-5 Days
Weight: kg

Whadda LED Buddy / LED Tester Mini Kit WSMI198

Replacement for Velleman MK198

Velleman MK198 LED Buddy can help you to design any electronic circuit that includes one or more LEDs.
Hold any type of LED to the contact pads of the LED Buddy to start the process. It detects the polarity of the LED, measures the forward voltage and auto-calculates the series resistors that you need to use. The compact size and durable materials ensure that this useful tool is the best buddy any maker can have. No more circuit troubles! A simple & informative LED Tester.

  • 8 x 2 character LCD
  • auto-calculates the series resistor (E12 series)
  • detects a LED's polarity
  • measures the LED's forward voltage
  • adjustable target current
  • adjustable target voltage
  • contact pads
  • power switch