Internet of Things. Allow remote access to your Velbus Home Automation system.

5-10 Days
Weight: kg

Velbus Signum IoT Gateway (CM4)

The Velbus Signum IoT gateway is your ultimate key to enable a smart home by integrating with your smartphone and other smart services in your house.

Remote Access and Control - Anywhere, Anytime
With the Velbus Signum, experience unparalleled control over your home installations. Powered by the intuitive Home Assistant platform, it offers elegant dashboards tailored to your Velbus system. Organize your devices by room for easy access and automate your home with simple touches. Control lights, LED strips, thermostats, blinds, and more with our user-friendly interface—compatible with smartphones, tablets, and PCs. Plus, with FREE Velbus Cloud access, your smart home is at your fingertips, wherever you have internet access.

Seamless Integration with Smart Devices
The Velbus Signum, in harmony with Home Assistant, serves as your smart home's central hub, connecting over 2,500 smart systems via integrations. Integrate and manage devices like heating pumps (MELcloud, Daikin, Viessmann ViCare), EV charging stations (wallbox, Smappee), audio systems (Sonos, Spotify, Bose SoundTouch, IKEA SYMFONISK), smart lighting (Philips Hue, IKEA TRÅDFRI), and smart plugs (Tuya, Shelly). These integrations are supported by a vast community of Home Assistant users, ensuring you receive frequent updates and new functionalities.

While the Signum currently focuses on the stability of your system by streamlining integration capabilities, we're tirelessly working on expanding the ways you can connect with more services. Our system updates automatically overnight, ensuring you effortlessly access new features without any extra steps on your part.

Program Wirelessly
Link your Velbus installation to your home network with the Signum IoT Gateway and enjoy the freedom of wireless programming through Velbuslink. Say goodbye to the need for USB connections to your electrical cabinet—adjust your setup comfortably from anywhere within your network.

Automatic time synchronization
Connected to the internet, the Velbus Signum guarantees your home operates in perfect harmony, synchronizing time across your devices to ensure timely automations and routines.

See what happens and what happened
Leverage the power of Home Assistant's local data capture for in-depth analysis of your home's activity. With historical reports, track events, device usage, and button activations. Analyze patterns over hours, days, months, or years to automate and optimize your smart home experience further.