EAN: 5410329716271

Whadda Cord-end Crimp Terminals in Storage Box (400pcs)

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Replacement for Velleman VCS203 Cord-end Crimp Pack

A box of assorted Cord end crimp suitable for crimping on to stranded wires, to help provide secure mechanical and electrical fitting into screw terminals. Supplied in storage box 140 x 70 x 30mm.
Orange 0.5mm² (12mm) 50 Pieces
Yellow 0.5mm² (14mm) 50 Pieces
White 0.75mm² 50 Pieces
Red 1.0mm² 50 Pieces
Black 1.5mm² 50 Pieces
Blue 2.5mm² 50 Pieces
Grey 4mm² 50 Pieces
Green 6mm² 50 Pieces