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Whadda 3 Channel RGB LED Light Organ Minikit WSL209

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WSL209 Whadda Electronics Kit

Take your party scene to the next level thanks to this 3 channel RGB LED light organ solder kit!

Once soldered and assembled, this kit will enable you to let the LEDs of a 12V or 24V RGB LED strip 'dance' to music or to any other sound! You can also use it with separate coloured LED strips or even separate LEDs.

The internal microphone filters the music into low, mid and high frequencies and depending on those values, it will control the red, green and blue luminosity of the LED strip. By using the sensitivity adjustment per channel, you can easily modify the result of the effects to light up your room or party.

As for mounting the kit, it comes with a modular front panel concept for easy cabinet or panel mount. And to make it look professional, we added 4 smooth turning knobs to control it.
  • connect an RGB LED strip or separate colour LED strips or LEDs
  • modular concept for easy cabinet /panel mount
  • on-board microphone will react to the surrounding sound or music
  • the 3 outputs will react at different sound frequencies
    • low sound frequencies correspond with red light
    • mid sound frequencies correspond with green light
    • high sound frequencies correspond with blue ligt
  • separate sensitivity adjustment
  • global sensitivity adjustment
  • wide power supply input from 12 to 24 VDC
  • easy connection, supply in > LED out
  • screw or jack power supply connection
  • max 1.25 A per channel
  • power supply: 12 or 24 VDC
  • up to 15 W / channel at 12 V supply
  • up to 30 W / channel at 24 V supply
  • front dimensions: 127 x 46 mm