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Whadda Retro LED Air Balloon, Educational Soldering Kit WSL221

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WSL221 Retro LED Electronics Kit

Whadda WSL221. This nifty kit is an educational DIY project that needs to be soldered. Soldering is a technique used to connect electronic components. Soldering this kit is easy and fun, and you will learn more about electronics in the process. Once finished, the LEDs on the kit will shine and you will have a neat gadget. This particular kit is shaped in the form of a Jules Verne style hot air balloon that can either be hung thanks to a little mounting hole in the top, or it can stand on its own.

  • 6 x orange LEDs
  • on/off switch
  • retro designed PCB in the shape of a hot air balloon
  • mounting hole
  • 1 x candle flicker LED