Stocked in the UK, the full range of Velleman Mini Kits, Kits & Modules. Both the Mini kits (MK) & kits (K) are self assembly units; supplied with PCB & Components. The Modules (VM) are pre-assembled, tested units, many identical to the kits but some have differing specifications. A wide range of projects to suit a wide range of electronic applications.
Also available the full range of Velleman Test Instruments, NEW Educational Series & the Velbus® Home Automation System. Now supporting more Velleman products for the electronics enthusiast.

 Mini Kits




Velleman Mini Kits (MK138 Thermostat)

 Velleman Kits (K8055N USB Interface)  Velleman Modules (VM160 RF Remote control)




 Velleman Education (EDU02 Solar Energy)  Velleman Instruments (HPS140 Personal Scope)  




New Lines


Updated: 07/07/14